backyard boro

resource recovery and zero waste initiatives

At Backyard Boro product ideas are generated backwards. Inspired by waste, problem solving leads to new, eco driven designs. Most items heading to the landfill have been resource intensive to produce and will need thousands of years to break down. These items are valuable and thought provoking.

Amongst the inspirations are retired denim, flowers, weeds, dress shirts and single-use plastic. Some of these materials are extraordinary, robust and ready to take a new form, while others need to be avoided entirely. Reshaped textiles can be dyed, quilted, embroidered or cut into new shapes and plastics are not used in new products. 

Backyard Boro minimizes resource consumption throughout production by using locally sourced, reincarnated materials, grey or rain water, and solar or decomposition dyeing methods whenever possible. For items requiring additional materials, methods of suppliers are scrutinized to ensure social and environmental values are consistent with those espoused by Backyard Boro.

All items are designed and manufactured in Revelstoke, BC.

Slow food has also taught us that sustainability is as equally rooted in social connection and care as it is in environmental stewardship – this is also fundamentally true for slow fashion and textiles.
— Sasha Duerr - Founder of the Permacouture Institute
The aim is to create systems that are ecologically-sound and economically viable, which provide for their own needs, do not exploit or pollute, and are therefore sustainable in the long term.
— Bill Mollison, Introduction to Permaculture

underarm care


Bloomin’ Axilla /ˈbluː.mɪŋ akˈsilə/ healthy underarm

Years of antiperspirant, anti-biotics and anti-bacterial soaps can upset the natural bacterial balance of our bodies. Much of the bacteria obliterated by anti-septic products can never be recovered and is necessary in the maintenance of good health. Bloomin’ Axilla was created to support the microbiome that already exists. Probiotics give your underarm a stink-free "bloom" and carefully selected essential oils provide a subtle scent. biodegradable packaging and no-packaging options are available for a waste-free ending.

This company is a story about how I was amazed when my persistent-and-comment-worthy body odour went away while I was taking probiotics. It was time for direct application. Reluctance to package it up and start selling it was high. How could I create a product without contributing to the current stream of cosmetic waste? Paperboard tubes are a great, user friendly, initial solution, but Bloomin’ Axilla has taken it one step further. The products come in a range from zero packaging cubes to biodegradable tubes with hopes that we will be part of a movement that has reduced packaging to biodegradable, refillable and multi-purpose containers only.